Retro Movie Roundtable

RMR 0057 Rat Race (2001)

October 27, 2019

Special Guest Cassie Johnson joins hosts Chad Robinson and Russell Guest for the Retro Movie Roundtable as they revisit Rat Race (2001) [PG-13]

Genre: Comedy, Adventure


Starring: Cuba Gooding Jr., Whoopi Goldberg, Rowan Atkinson, Seth Green, Jon Lovitz, Breckin Meyer, Amy Smart, Vince Vieluf, Lanai Chapman, John Cleese, Kathy Najimy, Brody Smith, Jillian Marie Hubert, Dave Thomas, Wayne Knight, Kathy Bates, Silas Weir Mitchell, Paul Rodriguez, Dean Cain, Brandy Ledford, Colleen Camp, Gloria Allred, Smash Mouth


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Director: Jerry Zucker

Recoded on 2019-10-16

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